our factory manufacture acrylic solid surface that is used as acrylic kitchen countertops and acrylic kitchen worktops.

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LUXUStone® Acrylic Solid Surface Edge
In order to realize the perfect application of acrylic solid surface, you can design acrylic kitchen countertops edge in line with your demand. If you want to provide your children and friends with a elegant environment, if you want your store to be remembered by your client by the sensitive interior spaces, you can choose the different edge which can express your style.
The diverse edges of acrylic kitchen worktops can be express freely in line with the special style, the prominent point of acrylic solid surface is that its edge can be designed in accordance with your taste. To select the suitable edge to match your favorite acrylic kitchen countertops, below are the most popular acrylic kitchen worktops edge styles used in the fabrication of acrylic solid surface.
Our factory not only supply acrylic solid surface sheet, but also supply the finished product of acrylic kitchen countertops. And the finished acrylic solid surface product must add the processing and polished cost. Let’s explain it in details:
1. if you only purchase acrylic solid surface sheet excluding the treated edge or back splash, so we offer the price only according to acrylic solid surface specification.
2. if you want to buy the finished product of acrylic solid surface with the treated edges and the polished surface, so our quotation are dictated by the labor cost and polish charge accordingly.