We are solid surface material china manufacturer who export solid surface sheet.

07 Sep 2017
China acrylic solid surface suppliers

Acrylic solid surface is one artificial stone solid surface materials usually composed of MMA acrylic resin or polyester resins, Aluminum hydroxide powder and pigments. It is most frequently used as kitchen countertops because of its beauty and eco-friendly composition.   Now our factory is one excellent china suppliers of acrylic solid surf...

18 Aug 2017
China mma solid surface manufacturers

As the biggest china factory of solid surface material, LUXUStone® Acrylic Resin artificial stone is the most professional manufacturer in acrylic solid surface industry in Shanghai. Over the years, our factory had successfully exported MMA solid surface materials to Europe and America. Solid Surfaces materials is made from Methyl Methacryla...

22 Jun 2017
The meaningful order from Iran's client

we are the professional factory which specializes in acrylic solid surface. As the biggest solid surface supplier in Shanghai, LUXUStone has two product ranges: - Pure Acrylic Solid Surface - Modified Acrylic Solid Surface Through the dedication to customer-centric business mind, our factory export solid surface materials to our worldwide ...

01 Mar 2017
Advantages from the biggest factory of acrylic solid surface

SHANGHAI SUNSHINE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is the biggest factory of acrylic solid surface in shanghai including the manufacturing output and exporting volume, we own 4 full automatic production lines and produce 80~90 x 20' Containers to worldwide clients every month. We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Pure acrylic solid surface and Modified ac...

01 Nov 2016
Good quality is our advantage as well as delivery time!

Our factory own 4 full automatic production lines to produce acrylic solid surface sheet and now our daily outputs reach 900~1000 sheets and export 80~90 x 20' Containers to our worldwide clients every month, the manufacturing time of one 20' container is about 7~10 days. Recently it is our big honor to get one new order of modified acrylic solid s...

06 Sep 2016
Better acrylic solid surface quality, better long cooperation

As one china acrylic solid surface suppliers in shanghai, we know that the market competition of pure acrylic solid surface is very strong, but also fully know that the good and stable quality of MMA solid surface is the basis of the long and nice cooperation, the following advantage is what we can do for our clients: 1. Good quality depend on G...