We are modified acrylic solid surface china manufacturer who supply composite acrylic solid surface.

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LUXUStone® Modified Acrylic Solid Surface is basically consist of Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR), Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), Hydrated Aluminum Oxide Powder [AL(OH)3] and the natural pigment. Composite acrylic solid surface of our factory has been proven to be superiorly durable and excellent solid surface material and we can supply modified acrylic solid surface to our client with hundreds of patterns and colors. Now acrylic solid surface materials is the most popular artificial marble all over the world, LUXUStone® modified acrylic solid surface is widely used as kitchen worktops and vanity tops, but also widely can be used as reception or display countertops and other artificial marble countertops design.
Remarkable Features of LUXUStone® Modified Acrylic Solid Surface
1. Modified Acrylic Solid surface makes for longevity of maintenance-free and durable beauty.
2. Extremely good durability , anti-impact and anti-infiltration material.
3. Anti-stain and grime-resistant, makes for lifetime of easy maintenance.
4. Non-porous, scratch resistance and non-inflammable.
5. High density, solid surface countertops without bubbles and blemishes.
6. Standard specification: 3680x760x12mm, 3070x760x12mm, 2440x760x12mm.