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LUXUStone® Pure Acrylic Solid Surface from china suppliers is mainly composed of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), Hydrated Aluminum Oxide Powder [AL(OH)3] and the natural pigment, its raw materials and manufacturing processes differ from Modified acrylic solid surface. So the quality  of LUXUStone® 100% acrylic solid surface is simply unparalleled such as non-porous, non-reactive and non-toxic material property and had been used as solid surface countertops in Hospitals, Playrooms, Schools and so on. As one china manufacturer of acrylic solid surface, our factory supply 100% acrylic solid surface product according to our client requirement.
Remarkable advantage of LUXUStone® Pure Acrylic Solid Surface
Anti-bacterial: LUXUStone® 100% acrylic solid surface is high density. Seamless-joint is very easy available when two pieces solid surface was jointed tightly together.  can inhibits bacteria and mildew growths.
Anti-staining: LUXUStone® pure acrylic solid surface is non-porous and any dirt such as coffee, ink, vinegar, tea residues only stay on kitchen countertops surface. Remove these dirty easily with waterish dishcloth or adds a little detergent to scour it by water.
Fire-resistant: After lighting the flamethrower for 60 seconds, the high temperature can’t hurt pure acrylic solid surface kitchen countertops, and this fire mark may be removed using a scouring pad. If there is the deeper spot, you can use fine sandpaper 2000# to clean it breezily.
Non-yellowing: LUXUStone® pure acrylic solid surface has excellent non-yellowing property. Because we add anti-UV resins into raw materials, so our Acrylic solid surface overcome the defects of discoloration and deformation. It is not subject to discoloration even after prolonged sunlight exposure.