our factory supply quartz stone from china supplier.

Products | Quartz stone slab
LUXUStone® Quartz Stone ( engineered stone) is mainly combined with 93% crushed quartz, 6% high-quality polyester resins and 1% other additive by an exacting standard of excellence. And crushed quartz (silicon dioxide – SiO2) is one of nature’s hardest minerals, quartz stone slab is blended with good polyester resins and pigments, then compacted under intense vibration, vacuum and high pressure into dense sheet with the non-porous surface.
LUXUStone® Quartz Stone Slab are manufactured with a rigorous inspection of all incoming raw materials. Our quartz stone surface is strong enough for the wear and tear and is virtually identical in some respects even better characteristics than natural stone. On the basis of its beauty, enduring shine and durability enough for every architectural and decorating scheme, LUXUStone® Quartz surfacing is now offered as an attractive color for kitchen countertops and other solid surface countertops at commercial and home decoration.
Description of LUXUStone® Quartz Stone Slab
1. LUXUStone® quartz countertops includes the ratio of 93% natural quartz aggregates to 7% polymer resins and pigments, and have the exceptional hardness: Mohs 6 grade.
2. The color and texture of our quartz stone are special in China, and our dual-colors series is most popular in market at present.
3. Standard size: 3230x1610mm、3050x1450mm、3160x1520mm and 2440 x 760mm are available with thickness of 15mm、20mm、25mm and 30mm for your selection.