Advantages and Applications of LUXUStone® Acrylic Solid Surface

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  • Advantages and Applications of LUXUStone® Acrylic Solid Surface
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Acrylic solid surface are really gaining in popularity with its good properties such as the non-porous surface and improved hygiene. The word ‘solid surface’ means the consistent core durability, it represents an ideal solid surface materials for acrylic kitchen countertops or furniture components. As one china manufacturers & suppliers, LUXUStone® supply 100% acrylic surface and modified acrylic solid surface with the added advantage as followings:

Advantages of LUXUStone® Acrylic Solid Surface

• Highly durable
• Stain-resistant
• Fire-resistance
• Seamless-jointing
• Renewable and repairable
• Easy-to-clean and maintain
• 10 years limited quality warranty

It’s also:

• Healthy and Safest worktops option
Because its on-porous & smooth surface does not promote the growth of mildew when properly cleaned. So bacteria and moisture can’t penetrate the surface. And LUXUStone® Acrylic Solid Surface own a Class A Fire Rating Certified by The National Fire Protection Association Life Safety of Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Classification at Code 101, Chapter, Section 10.2.3.

• More than 200 colors series is available
Up to now our factory had produce more 200 different kinds of colors to our global customers, and please kindly note that your customized color is also unlimited and welcome! We are sure that we have the colors you’re looking for to complement your acrylic kitchen countertops, bar countertops or prop display cabinets.

• Easy to incorporate solid surface sinks or bowls
Joins are virtually invisible which allows acrylic solid surface to be connected with no visible joints. This special feature means that solid surface sink can be joined to acrylic solid surface countertops for a seamless installation with no discernible edge between the counter tops and the sink.

Applications of LUXUStone® Acrylic Solid Surface

From china suppliers, LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface is not only an ideal solid surface material for residential design, it’s also proving to be good solution for the commercial industry. As a durable, hygienic, easy to maintain surface, LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface is finding its way into the health care, education, hospital and office markets.

acrylic solid surface application

Kitchens always have been a need for everyone who always wants to get the exterior panoramic view. However people nowadays tend to go one further step and like to finish their kitchen design with acrylic solid surface rather than the normal laminated tops like before. Acrylic solid surface are one of the most popular types of kitchen countertops used in homes across the nation today. One reason for their popularity is seamless appearance and the amazing variety of colors and shapes which appeal to a wide range of homeowners. While the more importantly, acrylic solid surface have the good fireproof performance.

Designers used acrylic solid surface which is easily made to the curved shapes, its muted or polished glossiness surface bring the comfortable environment. Current trends in hospital or health care are getting rid of the cold and traditional appearances. LUXUStone® Acrylic Solid Surface is an approved solid surface materials for health care settings with its hygienic and nonporous property naturally. More and more designers can select more than hundred of different colors that could provide a warm look and comfortable feel to healthy facilities in the hospital and further make clients feel at home. Because LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface can be repaired and refinished to look like new, it is also gaining prevalence in office and bank spaces as well.

Schools and educational facilities are also enjoying the benefits of acrylic solid surface. Since wear and tear is an obvious concern for the university, lots of school and lab institution, LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface was chosen for a student apartment and laboratories project because of the good performance of Stain resistance, chemical resistance and ball impact resistance, but also its consistent durability with extraordinary and long-lasting possibilities. For example, our customer who is from Britain used our acrylic solid surface products as operation countertops in lab.

With the outstanding technology, acrylic solid surface present in the building industry and continues to grow in both the residential and commercial solid surface markets. LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface from china factory is dedicated to building positive working relationships with our customers and then providing them with high quality service.