Acrylic solid surface manufacturer & supplier

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LUXUStone® is one premier china manufacturer & supplier of acrylic solid surface which focus on the manufacturing and export of Pure & Modified acrylic solid surface materials across the globe. Our commitment is centered around providing the good products of acrylic solid surface that cater to the evolving needs of our diverse clientele.

Modified acrylic solid surface material is basically consist of UPR, MMA, and [AL(OH)3], there are about the ratio of 8~10% MMA, about 26% UPR including 0.3% Anti-UV resin and 63% [AL(OH)3] in LUXUstone modified acrylic solid surface material which can meets the highest standards for quality such as the outstanding flexibility in fabrication, functionality, design and hygiene.

As one leading china factory & manufacturer of solid surface materials, we are keen to explore a potential partnership that could be mutually beneficial. Amidst the burgeoning demand within the construction sector, LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface are poised to broaden our product colors to effectively serve this expanding market with the consistent quality and dependability.

acrylic solid surface
China manufacturer of acrylic solid surface