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SHANGHAI SUNSHINE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is one China suppliers & manufacturers of acrylic solid surface, our factory own 4 full automatic production lines and produce 80~90 x 20′ Containers to worldwide clients every month. We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Pure acrylic solid surface and Modified acrylic solid surface to our partners from all over the word.

In USA and Europe market, our factory is working with many wholesalers and importers, most of our client are Estate, Cabinet or Furniture and so on. Our factory had export acrylic solid surface to Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Britain, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan and so on, and supply OEM service to Korea, USA, Russia and Ukraine’s customer for more 10 years, our advantages are following:

1. Good materials depend on Good quality. In order to keep our good and stable quality, our factory ONLY purchase the raw materials from companies who ranks on the top in china, for example, we buy the resin from TianHe Resin Company who is top 1 in resin industry, we buy Trihydrate Aluminum Powder from China Aluminum Corporate who is China’s biggest state-owned companies, so our product have the good performance, this is also the important reason that we can supply OEM modified acrylic sheet to brand Hanex solid surface. The good & stable quality is our first advantage, for instance:

– Fire Resistance that meet the requirement CLASS-A grade
– High Temperature Resistance and Boiling Water Resistance
– Water Absorption is only 0.038% means that Water fail to infiltrate the sheet itself.
– Chemical Resistance and Stain Resistance, such as vegetable oil, tea and red wine can’t effect the product.

2. Because our factory have 4 full automatic production lines and our daily output is about 900~1000 sheets, so our manufacturing time of one full 20′ container is about 7 days, two or three 20′ Container need about 10 days. And if your purchase color that just have the new stock in our workshop, the lead time will be faster, the timely delivery is our second advantage.

acrylic solid surface factory      china acrylic solid surfac

3. our factory have the strict quality control that cover our raw materials, the manufacturing technique, quality inspection before packing and so on, we can track any sheet was produced by which batch of raw materials. And before the packing, our worker of the quality control will inspect the sheet carefully one by one before packing. As one qualified suppliers, in case that you find the defect sheet in your side after receiving the containers, our factory will bear all responsibility as long as this problem was caused by the quality itself. Our quality guarantee is 10 years! The matured administration and good service is our third advantage.

acrylic solid surface china suppliers      acrylic solid surface china manufacturer

4. There have the ratio 5~8% MMA (pure acrylic resin) in our modified acrylic sheet, so our modified acrylic solid surface also have the limited bending performance, so in some design and application, our clients can use our modified acrylic sheet to replace pure acrylic sheet to save the cost. This is our fourth advantage.

modified acrylic solid surface bending      acrylic solid surface thermoformable performance

Our factory sincerely hopes to develop solid surface materials market with your esteemed company together in near future.