How to choose kitchen countertops?

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There have so many available choices when you are trying to decide on kitchen countertops, and so it is always one rather arduous task. However, if you learn the proper information on kitchen countertops and see this article, it should be no trouble at all. As one china manufacturer & factory of acrylic solid surface, we professionally write this article to compare acrylic solid surface with granite & marble as kitchen countertops, and also contrast with quartz stone countertops, you can clearly know how to choose kitchen countertops or which materials are suitable for your design after browsing this article.

What Is Acrylic Solid Surface?

Acrylic solid surface is a decorative materials which is extensively used for kitchen countertops or furniture components as well as other commercial interior design such as wall cladding because of its durable, hygiene, no-toxic, thermoformable, non-inflammable, environmentally friendly properties. Acrylic solid surface can be further subdivided into two kinds of classification, one is Pure acrylic solid surface, and the other is Modified acrylic solid surface. Let us explain them in details as following:

Pure acrylic solid surface (also be called 100% acrylic solid surface) is mainly composed of 40~45% Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and 55~60% Hydrated Aluminum Oxide Powder [AL(OH)3]. Pure acrylic solid surface can be bent freely by heating in thermoforming process because pure acrylic solid surface itself have the great flexibility and high plasticity, but Modified acrylic solid surface and Quartz stone surface can’t do this. Pure acrylic solid surface as your kitchen countertops can last for more 10 years before you want to replace it!

Modified acrylic solid surface (also be called composite acrylic solid surface or polyester solid surface) is basically consist of 5~8% Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), 29~32% Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) and 58~60% Hydrated Aluminum Oxide Powder [AL(OH)3]. Compare to pure acrylic solid surface, Modified acrylic solid surface is inexpensive relatively, and other properties such as hygiene, no-toxic, non-porous is similar with pure acrylic solid surface, this is the reason why modified acrylic solid surface is more 90% share in our export sales amount.

There are many advantages such as durability and versatility to choose acrylic solid surface as your decorative materials in home and commercial design, both pure acrylic solid surface and modified acrylic solid surface can be used as kitchen worktops, furniture components or bathroom vanity tops.

Introduction Of Marble & Granite And Quartz Stone As Kitchen Countertops

Natural marble or Granite as kitchen countertops will be may your choice, both marble and granite as one natural material widely are found and quarried from our earth, they own the more gorgeous colors or distinctive veins that run through the entire slab. Marble and granite countertops as one traditional favorite can be modern for a classically styled kitchen space because their appearance is very high gloss.

However, Marble and granite kitchen countertops lack the durability and they need regular maintenance with mineral oil or beeswax frequently to prevent stains, this accumulated care cost will be one significant amount when the time gone. As we know, granite and marble are porous and their surface requires special sealants as kitchen countertops, otherwise liquids such as vinegar or fruits juice can easily penetrate into countertops and cause the permanent stains if you forget to do its regular maintenance or this wax-seal function just fades, and it is difficult for homeowners to remove these stains due to its porous performance if its surface was damaged in use. Another key point is that the natural Marble and granite have the harmful radiation for family’s health, now more and more people will be pleased to pay more money for the environment-friendly products.

And what is quartz stone slab countertops? Quartz stone is also one artificial marble that comprises the ratio of 93% natural quartz and 7% polymer resins, this the reason why artificial quartz stone slab are usually strong and harder like the natural granite or marble, it has great strength which makes it scratch resistant, this is its good advantages and but also its disadvantages, because quartz stone is too harder to get the more edge-shapes or backsplash options, while acrylic solid surface can easily supply the round bottom structure to backsplash and then to avoid the hygienic dead corner. By the way, quartz stone have another weakness that its speckles will have the yellow-flecking problem. In order to conveniently know more the difference and advantage & disadvantages of acrylic solid surface, quartz stone and marble & granite materials as kitchen countertops, we can get more information in following chart:

Which Materials Are Suitable For Our Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen Countertops Comparison Of Acrylic Solid Surface, Artificial Quartz Stone Slab and Granite & Marble Materials
Acrylic Solid Surface
Quartz Stone Slab
Granite & Marble
High-gloss, uniform, 
also can be matte-effect
High-gloss, uniform
Surface Durability
and Non-porous, Waterproof
Absorb water or stains if not sealed properly
Purchase Cost
Moderately expensive
Main Composition
1. [AL(OH)3] 55~60%
                  2. MMA acrylic resin 40~45%
 1. Polymer resins 7% 
  2. Natural quartz 93%
100% natural 
Maintenance cost
Must Be Sealed Termly
Can be bent freely by heating

Sincerely hope that the above-mentioned information is useful for your decision on kitchen countertops, there are many good reasons why we should choose acrylic solid surface as kitchen countertops, such as the fact that acrylic solid surface is truly beautiful, durable, non-radioactive, also a non-porous, anti-stain, renewable and an extremely low-maintenance. With the increasing popularity of acrylic solid surface materials, many people have began to pay attention to this decorative materials in recent years, we advise you to purchase acrylic solid surface as your home application or commercial design because it have the same property of granite & marble kitchen countertops, but also have the superior advantages character that is absent for natural stone and quartz stone kitchen countertops.