Polyester solid surface vs. Acrylic solid surface

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Differences and features between Polyester solid surface & acrylic solid surface

Polyester solid surface and Acrylic solid surface are one kind of acrylic resin artificial marble solid surface that be considered one ideal decoration materials because of their hygienic, repairable, non-inflammable, high glossiness and good durability, generally speaking, when people talk about acrylic resin artificial marble/stone kitchen countertops or artificial stone countertops, they usually mean polyester solid surface or acrylic solid surface. Let’s explain their differences and common features in details as followings:

What are the differences between Polyester & Acrylic solid surface?

1. First difference in Raw materials

1.1 Acrylic solid surface (always means Pure acrylic solid surface or 100% acrylic solid surface) is mainly composed of 40~45% acrylic resin Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), 55~60% Hydrated Aluminum Oxide [AL(OH)3] and other 1%.

1.2 Polyester solid surface (usually means modified acrylic solid surface or composite acrylic solid surface) is basically consist of 29~32% Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR), 5~8% Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), 58~60% Hydrated Aluminum Oxide [AL(OH)3] and other 1%.

2. Second difference in Cost

The cost of acrylic solid surfacechiefly depend on the raw materials of acrylic resin MMA, acrylic solid surfacedon’t need UPR materials, but it need more MMA, the purchase cost of MMA acrylic resin is always twice higher than UPR, the more pure acrylic resin MMA used, the higher cost caused, so its price is always higher than polyester solid surface. Compared to acrylic solid surface, thanks to the lesser cost in raw materials, polyester solid surface is less expensive than acrylic solid surface in market, so polyester solid surfaces are considered to be highly cost-effective and more affordable than natural stone countertops.

3. Third difference in Bending property

The significant difference between acrylic solid surface and polyestersolid surface is the bending property. Acrylic solid surface sheet have the very good thermoplasticity,after heating it to 150°C for about 25 minutes, it will be very soft ( like the boiled noodle) and can be thermoformed freely, then you can twist or bend it with any unique shape to achieve your various design that are inaccessible for polyester solid surface.

                                                   100% acrylic solid surface         modified acrylic solid surface

Polyester solid surface only have limited bending, except this point, its performance is close to acrylic solid surface in daily usage. Based on the good quality and competitive price, if you have no special bending application, polyester solid surface can fully satisfy the most demand of market and design.

What are the similarities of Polyester & Acrylic solid surface?

1. First common featureAll are Eco-friendly & Non-toxic

Both polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface are eco-friendly & non-toxic material because of their material itself. Under normal temperature conditions, they do not release any gas. Even if they burn, they mainly release carbon oxides, and the smoke caused does not contain any toxic gas. So polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface all are safest materials, for example, our LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface that are free of heavy metals are certified by third party SGS.

Polyester & Acrylic solid surface are ideal materials that can be used as solid surface countertops because of their beauty, durability, aesthetics, design flexibility, color choices and non-radioactive property and so on., LUXUStone® polyester & acrylic solid surface as one green product, is produced according to the strict standards in order to reduce waste and limit energy consumption on their production process. Polyester solid surface and Acrylic solid surface are an excellent choice for interior design projects and can be ideally used in a variety of applications in home and commercial space. LUXUStone® polyester & acrylic solid surface are well known for its eco-friendly composition and have no radiation.

2. Second common feature—All are easy to clean

Owner can easily get a lifetime of maintenance-free and good durable beauty because Polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface are non-porous and stain-resistant. Both polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface are easy to clean because of their non-porous property, this non-porous surface doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria or mildew, so it is easy to be cleaned with normal method. Dirt such as coffee, ink, vinegar, tea residues only stay on its surface, easily remove these dirty with waterish dishcloth or adds a little detergent to scour it by water.

For long-standing and stubborn stains, apply force and scrub with a scouring pad with detergent, for instance again, proper cleaning can prevent solid surface countertops from stains and germ-proof, their surface doesn’t require special maintenance because polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface possess these superior advantage including longevity, grime-resistant, germ-proof, noninflammable. Because owner can easily get maintenance-free, so LUXUStone® Polyester & acrylic solid surface had been widely used in residential decoration or commercial application including hotels, bank fields, Hospitals, Schools and so on.

3. Third common feature—All are Repairable

Polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface were widely used for architectural and interior applications such as wall-cladding or kitchen countertops, bathroom and furniture surfaces in residential and public space projects. Polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface can be processed and pasted by worker with the concolorous adhesive to get the seamless-jointing easily, so they are better than granite countertops. Except the advantage of non-porous, stable quality and seamless-joint, compare to polyester & acrylic solid surface, very few other kitchen countertops materials have the durability and ease of repair for daily maintenance, owner can keep its new finished surface as ever by the repetitive polishing maintenance.

Polyester & acrylic solid surface material are impervious to damages, LUXUStone® Polyester & acrylic solid surface overcome the defects such as deformation and fracture, because both polyester solid surface and acrylic solid surface is solid and homogeneous through the entire thickness of the material, most damages including severe impact, blade marks, heat or chemical damages can be easily repairable by regular care and inexpensive to mend by polishing on site. you can use fine sandpaper 1200#~1500# to scrub it easily, of course, also can contact your local Fabricator or Service Centre to repair these damages and repeat to enjoy its original smooth, hygienic and durable solid surface.