How to maintain acrylic solid surface kitchen countertops?

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  • How to maintain acrylic solid surface kitchen countertops?
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Acrylic solid surface have been gaining in popularity and are the best choice for residential and commercial applications to create one unique design style. As one china acrylic solid surface suppliers, we always appreciated having been given the opportunity to supply our goods and service to you, LUXUStone® acrylic solid surface can be polished:

• Matte
• Semi-gloss
• High-gloss finish

And with the following advantages:

• Seams are invisible
• Renewable and repairable
• Resistance to mould and bacteria
• Seamless installation with solid surface sinks

Acrylic solid surface materials possess a beautiful and durable property for your decoration not only confine to kitchen countertops. The versatile pattern from solid color to granular like granite’s appearances, acrylic solid surface can be thermoformed, cut and offers a renewable and repairable surface for your design. In order to prolong the lifetime and keep the durable looking fresh as far as possible, the following care guidelines can help you maintain your acrylic solid surface kitchen countertops for years to come.

• Day-to-day cleaning:
Acrylic solid surface is a non-porous solid surface materials, so the common household spills such as vinegar, coffee, tea, juice, red wine or vegetable spills cannot penetrate its surface inside, you can very easily wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge.

kitchen countertops maintain              solid surface kitchen countertops

• Heat:
The inborn feature of acrylic solid surface gives its excellent heat resistant properties compared to other surfacing materials in the market. However, to prevent any damages from heat, never put hot pans (particularly cast iron) directly on acrylic solid surface kitchen countertops, please always use a heat protection pad or trivets with rubber feet when placing hot items on acrylic solid surface kitchen countertops, also please kindly ensure the direct and indirect heat temperatures within 80°C.

• Chemical Spillage:
Avoid strong chemicals (including paint stripper, oven cleaners, acetone etc.) can cause damages to your acrylic solid surface countertops. Once happen, you should quickly flush it with plenty of soapy water to avoid damaging acrylic solid surface countertops! Please kindly note: the prolonged exposure to chemicals solvents and harsh acids or alkali can give rise to the serious damage to acrylic solid surface, in fact we have few of chance to bring this harsh chemicals in our kitchen room.

• Scratches:
Like other materials, as careful as you are to prevent damage, accidents always can happen, acrylic solid surface as kitchen countertops will also develop some slight abrasion marks in normal daily use:
– Avoid cutting directly on  acrylic solid surface, never cut or chop on solid surface countertops directly, please kindly use a chopping board instead!
– Ordinary wear and tear and heavily pigmented colors will show scratches, if you have light scratches, you can remove it by carefully sanding lightly with 300 grit sandpaper, followed by 600 grit and finishing with 1,000 grit sandpaper, once they are removed, you successfully refinish the surface, for deep scratches or other damages which may require expert repair.

Our factory would like to congratulate you on choosing Acrylic Solid Surface as your kitchen countertops.